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The Invisible Cost of Energy

Ever wondered where your electricity comes from? What are the origins of the invisible force powering your iPhone and allowing you to have YouTube at your constant disposal? Sixty-four percent of American electricity comes from fossil fuels (coal 43%, natural gas 22%, petroleum 1% [1]). The other 36% comes from nuclear, hydroelectric, and other renewable […]

Facts and Figures about Energy Supply

Have you heard about global warming? Dumb question, of course you have. Have you seen numerous charts about global warming and wanted to be convinced, but walked away confused? Me too. I myself have been inundated by large amounts of data making a case for man made global warming and I want to believe it, […]


Energy Chat: Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

  Sooooo…. what’s a fuel cell? A fuel cell is kind of like a battery. Both have a cathode, electrolyte and an anode and can be used to power an external load. The biggest difference is that instead of a fixed amount of energy that a battery holds, a fuel cell can keep generating power […]