Wash your hands and avoid other people.


The Energy Club will resume when Georgia Tech reopens and it is safe to continue meeting.  Until then, work to reduce your energy usage:

  • Turn off your computer, and other electronics, when not in use
  • Seal around windows and doors to prevent drafts
  • Close doors in rooms around your home when not occupied
  • Switch to LED lighting, if you haven’t already
    • It’s been like five years since they’ve been cost-competitive with fluorescent or incandescent lights, so at this point you’re just procrastinating
      • But don’t make a special trip outside right now just to get lights
  • Learn to grow your own food – even in an apartment!
  • Only use the oven or stove-top when it’s cool and the AC is not running
  • Speaking of which, adjust the set-point of your thermostat to run less frequently.
    • Wear a sweater indoors to stay warmer in the winter or keep a damp rag around your neck to keep cooler in summer
  • Only run the dishwasher when full and needed
    • Knives, cutting boards, and any wooden utensils should always be hand-washed
  • Use the cold setting on the washing machine
    • You really only need the hot for bleaching whites, anyway
  • Speaking of which, air dry clothing if possible

Thank you everyone who attended the Southeastern Energy Conference!

We’ll be back in 2021!  Either the week of Jan 25 or Feb 1
(we haven’t reserved the room yet)

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What We Do

The Energy Club seeks to inspire and prepare the next generation of individuals knowledgeable in the complex interaction energy-related world. We strive to bring together the technology, policy and business of the energy landscape to better understand the issues and contribute to the dialogue. We offer a great opportunity to get involved and network with many influential energy leaders on campus and across the country. The interdisciplinary nature of the topic ensures that there is something for everyone in the club. We cater to all majors and both graduate and undergraduate students.